About Absolute Value

Here at MWW, all of us who work in the financial communications and investor relations practice know firsthand that rarely a day goes by without some major financial story breaking.

Stories about trends in the U.S. and global economies. The hottest new IPO. A cool product or service intended to change the world. A big earnings gain or miss. Reports about various countries’ fortunes both politically and fiscally all across the world. CEO changes, restructurings and recessions, just to name a few.

Absolute Value is our sounding post where we hope to exchange ideas and commentary on why all of this matters. We believe our point-of-view about events and communications helps our clients matter more in an era of unprecedented global connection.

Market developments and changing economic conditions impact all of us as individuals and as companies. A core component of our thinking at MWW is that all stakeholders are irrevocably interconnected and increasingly rely upon each other for information.
Investor and financial communications – while needing their own business-like tone and consistency – are just some of the ways that a company positions itself to its employees and the outside world. More than ever before, these types of communications should be framed in sync with everything else the organization is saying. The idea is to make sure the many varying stakeholders clearly understand the same story.

We welcome you to read, post comments and exchange ideas with us on the important financial topics of the day. And perhaps the not-so-important ones, too, that may also be on your mind.

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